April Poems Index

Title/From Begins Poet
Calendar of Nature – April Next came fresh April, full of lustyhed, Edmund Spenser
 April  April, April, Laugh thy girlish laughter William Watson
 Canterbury Tales  Whan that April with his shoures soote Geoffrey Chaucer
 Tewkesbury Road It’s good to be out on the road, John Masefield
 Sea Fever  I must go down to the seas again John Masefield
Reynard the Fox  Two bright young women, nothing meek John Masefield
 An Old Ballad  O laith, laith were our gude Scots lords Anonymous
 Loch Achray  Then a fierce squall struck the “Loch Achray”, John Masefield
 The Convergence of the Twain  In a solitude of the sea Deep from human vanity, Thomas Hardy
 Home Thoughts from Abroad  Oh, to be in England Now that April’s there Robert Browning